Dilatan Plus Anal Dilators

Dilantan Plus Anal Dilators

Anal dilators Plus are cryo-thermal anal dilatators available in 5 different sizes only to be used when advised by a physician.

Three sizes are available (Ø18/20 mm, Ø23/27 mm and Ø30 mm), offering patients the most suitable size for their particular problem and individual anatomy.

Each sealed dilator contains a thermal jelly which, when heated or cooled, maintains the dilator’s temperature during use.

Thermotherapy (warm) or cryotherapy (cold) dilators may be used effectively to treat differing pathologies.


For the following conditions the dilator should be used warm, up to but not exceeding 50° Celsius:

  • Stenosis (contraction) of the anus, due to cicatricial or idiopathic origin 
  • Hypertonia or spasm due to, and sustained by, haemorrhoids, proctalgia or fistulas
  • Prevention of post-operative stenosis due to haemorrhoids or fistulas

For the following conditions, the dilator should be cooled to not below 0° Celsius:

  • Anal bleeding

 In other pathologies, the temperature of the dilator is not important.

The small and medium-sized dilators are to assist in progressive distension in the presence of various anal stenoses. The large size is always indicated for spasm.

Directions for Use

For thermotherapy, the dilator should be immersed in warm water, ideally at 50° Celsius, for 10-15 minutes.

For cryotherapy, the dilator should be immersed in iced water for 15 minutes in the fridge.

The Dilatan works well regardless of whether the lower bowel is full or empty. In case of spasm, sitting in a warm water bidet prior to insertion will help relax the sphyncter muscles and assist the therapy.

Prior to insertion, the dilator should be covered in a layer of Dilatan cream. Sitting in the bidet or lying on the bed, insert the dilator slowly up to its base. Keep it in position for two to three minutes, and then pull it slowly out. It is advisable not to stand or walk with the dilator in position.

  • Following haemorrhoidectomy, dilations should be performed once or twice daily for the first month, reducing to three times a week for the second and third months. This will greatly relieve post-operative discomfort.
  • In cases of anal stenosis, twice-daily use of the dilator is advisable. Treatment should be continued for several months.
  • For other conditions, Dilatan should be used twice a day whilst symptoms persist, and the treatment continued for at least a month after the symptoms have ceased.

Cleaning Dilatan

Following use, the dilators should be washed in warm, soapy water, thoroughly rinsed and returned to the box when clean and dry.  Dilatan is a single-patient product.

SMA1001/2   DILATAN PLUS treatment pack: Set of 2x dilators 18mm & 20mm plus 2x 50ml  tubes of adjuvant Dilatan cream
SMA1001/12   DILATAN PLUS cryothermal anal dilator: box of two different sizes 18/20mm
SMA1002/2   DILATAN PLUS treatment pack: Set of 2x dilators 23mm & 27mm plus 2x 50ml tubes of adjuvant Dilatan cream
SMA1002/12   DILATAN PLUS cryothermal anal dilator. Box of two different sizes 23/27mm
SMA1030/1   DILATAN PLUS cryothermal anal dilator treatment pack: Box of one size 30mm plus 2x 50ml tubes of adjuvant Dilatan cream
SMA 3050/1   Dilatan vegetable lubricating cream: 1x 50ml tube
SMA3050/50   Dilatan vegetable lubricating cream – case of 50x 50ml tubes


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